Spot Light on LTE Curriculum

Given the number of queries we get daily on LTE, I thought it’d be good to summarize what we’ve got, and it’s a lot: 20+ courses available for private classes (at your offices or WebLive™) and a growing e-learning collection open to individuals. Our LTE experts, who’ve been fortunate to get valuable early stage hands-on LTE experience, are available for remote/onsite consulting also.

If you’d take a quick peek at our 4G+ Technologies page, which is where the LTE courses available for private classes are listed, you’d see about 20 courses on the LTE technology alone, plus additional courses on applications and services, including a course that discusses the interworking of LTE and IMS.

We offer three 3-day overview courses on LTE (LTE-C3DC, LTE-CT, LTE-FUND), which can be condensed or expanded as needed. These are suitable for a wide range of technical audiences as the first (and perhaps only) course on LTE.  We also have a couple of courses for more specialized audiences: a 5-day workshop aimed at LTE RF network designers and a 5-10 day deep-dive into LTE for hardware and software developers.  For those looking for a comprehensive curriculum on LTE, suitable for in-house engineer training, there is a complete, self-contained 5-course, 17-day long curriculum that provides a soup-to-nuts coverage of LTE.

We did not forget the nontechnical audiences either. There are two courses (LTE-BIZ and LTE-EXEC) for managers/executives, policy makers, regulators, business planner, application/service designers, marketing/sales/support, procurement specialists, and others looking for a “user friendly” or business-centered (versus technical) discussion of LTE.

Finally, we offer a couple of courses that provide a historical view of how we got to LTE and what else is there in the 4G marketplace besides LTE: Future of Wireless (2 days) and 2G to 4G+: Technologies, Drivers, and Business Case (4-5 days).

Given the number of choices available, if you’re not sure which course is best for your needs, just call us. We’ll work with you to select the course that is right for you and further tailor it as needed to your audience and business reason for taking the course.

Besides the courses listed on the 4G+ Technologies page, our e-learning page lists half a dozen 3-6 hour short-courses that are ideal for folks wanting to learn the basics of 4G and LTE on their own. Being recordings of classes previously taught live, these are far from a boring ”page turner”. Each course is taught by a top-tier instructor before a live web audience, with questions and answers. Having bought a course, you will have access to it for as long as you like, allowing you to make multiple passes through it. You will also receive additional course materials as a printable PDF, all for a low price.

If you are an individual wishing to attend one of our private (client-site instructor led) classes on LTE,  you can send us a piggyback request. If the client hosting a class matching your request allows outsiders to attend, you will be notified.  It’s also likely that as the year unwinds, we will offer a few WebLive™ classes on LTE that individuals can take advantage of.

In addition to LTE training, our LTE experts also provide remote and onsite consultation. Moreover, our research publications page lists a number of industry research reports related to LTE and related topics.

To keep up with the courses, web events, and other new programs related to LTE, take a quick look now and then at the relevant pages of our website: public classes, e-learning, 4G+ courses available for private classes, and research publications. Or, you can sign up for our newsletter, RSS Feeds, or Twitter updates. This will ensure that you will not miss out on a class or product related to LTE.