Onsite Training: Technical and Project Management

Technical management is the focus of this curriculum, though many of these courses can be adapted to a non-technical environment as well.

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You will find additional management courses listed in our Management and Leadership curriculum, all of which can be tailored to the needs of technical organizations.

Sampling of Related Knowledge Center Content

Supplier Competition: A Great Tool for Reducing Cost

Supplier competition is a powerful tool for reducing cost, and if you don’t use it, your costs are too high.  You might think you don’t have any problems, and maybe you don’t, but you’re still missing opportunities for improved profitability. You may be in a situation where you don’t have to compete for your work and cost is not an issue, but that’s highly unusual and it probably won’t last long.

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Decision-Making Tools: Expected Monetary Value (EMV)

“Decision-making is the cognitive process of selecting a course of action from among multiple alternatives.  Every decision-making process produces a final choice.”  That’s what Wikipedia says anyway.  What it doesn’t say is that some decisions must be made for outcomes that will occur in the future.  However, there are a couple of tools that can be put to use in helping make complex decisions, namely, Expected Monetary Value and Decision Tree Analysis.

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Why a PM Certification Program May Not Translate into an Improved Project Success Rate

The boost in project success rate that many organizations expected from their Project Management certification program has not materialized. Why? What is missing? There are many possible roles in a project. The obvious ones include the project sponsor who pays for the project, the project manager (PM) who directs the project, and various project team members who perform project work. Many projects rely on stakeholders to be subject matter experts, and when deliverables must be integrated into ongoing operations, members of the operations staff may join the project as well.

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