Conflict Mediation

Download brochure: Conflict Mediation

Is conflict undermining the operation of your work group? Conflict between critical staff members or leaders of a project or organization needs to be dealt with before it turns into crisis. Significant projects have much invested and a great deal to lose. Unresolved conflicts between any two key personnel can undermine good project plans, ultimately leading to project failure. If the project doesn’t completely fail, it will more than likely suffer from escalated costs resulting from wasted time, poor decision making, loss of talent, reorganization, sabotage/theft, low morale, and adverse health impact.

The Eogogics Conflict Mediation Service is an alternative to traditional grievance processes. This service is especially attractive to executives who may be experiencing conflict with peers. These leaders require resolution to be confidential and impartial, while preserving all decision-making for them. Our service also addresses situations where conflicting parties choose to let the conflict fester through avoidance, causing project delays, or inefficiencies. Our mediator will lead an intervention meeting and guide the conflicting parties to an agreed resolution within 24 hours, avoiding any further delays and reducing overall costs.