Onsite Training: Systematic Innovation with TRIZ, Six Hats, Kano Model, Nine Windows, ...

Are you charged with designing new products or processes, or improving existing ones? Would you like to achieve breakthrough results, not just incremental improvement? Our engineering creativity courses, customized to each client’s engineering environment, teach techniques (such as TRIZ, Nine Windows, Biomimicry, Kano Model, Six Hats, Concept Fans, Brainstorming, and more) that can help you do just that.

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Contradictions: A Tool for Systematic Innovation

Through the first 20 years of my engineering career, I unsuccessfully sought the “killer app” for Systematic Innovation (“SI”). Each time I began employment with a heavy-hitter organization (such as the US Air Force Research Lab, Johnson and Johnson, Philips, and Intel Corp.), I enquired if they had a systematic problem deconstruction and solution generation methodology at the ready to help me join the ranks of the world-class problem solvers who were surely responsible for their standing in the industry. Each time the answer was, “No, but you’ll figure it out, that’s what engineers do”.

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e-Learning – Unleashing Engineering Creativity

In this exciting 35-minute video, Joe shows you how to overcome self-imposed creativity obstacles and apply TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, to address real-life engineering challenges. You will also get a feel for our onsite workshops on Unleashing Engineering Creativity. It’s a real course, not ‘sales pitch’, and it’s aimed at engineers, business strategists, business development specialists, and others charged with creating innovative products, processes, or offerings (or improving the existing ones).

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Take the Torrance Test of Creativity

Here’s a quick way to assess your creativity based on one of the Torrance tests of creative thinking. Don’t read anything below the tin can yet. Just focus on the tin can below and in one minute list as many uses for it as you can. When you are done making your list, read on.

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TRIZ: How to Stimulate Engineering Creativity Using TRIZ

Very few innovations are truly new concepts. We can take advantage of this when faced with creativity challenges by using TRIZ techniques. TRIZ recognizes that all inventive problems involve either technical or physical contradictions. Physical contradictions can usually be addressed via separation either in time or in space. Technical contradictions can usually be addressed through the use of the contradiction matrix.

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Unleashing Engineering Creativity: The Kano Model

How do we decide which features to include in new products? That’s a great question. If we miss important features or include unnecessary features, customers will reject our products. If we include unexpected and exciting features, though, we can delight customers and jump ahead of the competition. Dr. Noriaki Kano addressed this key creativity issue by identifying four product attribute areas.

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