FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are answers to some of the questions we get frequently asked. If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.

Why don’t I see any class dates or prices listed on your website?

Our principal business is onsite (i.e., client-site) training.  If your company has at least 5-7 people to be trained, you can contract with us to teach a class at your offices, saving your employees the time and expense of travel. Such classes can be taught at anytime, anywhere in the world.  They can also be customized to your group’s training needs. Prices depend on the subject, number of trainees, and your geographic location.  Telephone or email us for details.  If you have fewer than 5-7 people to be trained or if you are an individual looking to train yourself, please read on regarding our occasional public offerings and options for small groups and individuals.

Do you also offer public classes that individuals can sign up for?

From time to time, mostly to draw attention to our onsite offerings, we organize a series of public classes that individuals can attend.  Such classes may be held at our Washington, DC facility or taught online ( WebLive™). Check out our Public Seminars and WebLive™ Classes page for the upcoming public classes. To be notified when classes get added to the public class schedule, please sign up for our newsletter.

What’s a WebLive™ class?

First, what it’s not: It’s NOT an e-learning, pre-recorded, or self-study course. It’s a live class taught in real time by real instructors.  Only, it’s taught on the World Wide Web. You “meet” with the instructor and other class participants in a “virtual classroom” on our website. You can see and hear the instructor; he can hear you and, if you have a webcam, see you as well. You can watch him present his Power Point or write on the whiteboard, raise your hand, ask a question, share computer applications, engage in discussion with your classmates, participate in a virtual lab, take a test, provide feedback, and much more.  If you have four or more people interested in a WebLive™ class, call us or email us the topic of interest, when you would like the class taught, and the number of people in your group.  We will contact you to discuss the course content and scheduling details.

Do you offer any training options for individuals or very small groups?

Individuals and small groups (fewer than five people) can:

  • Request a WebLive™ class scheduled just for them. To cover our fixed costs, we must charge for a minimum of four seats.  (Keep in mind that training FOUR people online costs about what it costs to send ONE person to an out-of-town class.) If you have just 2-3 people in your group, or even if you are just an individual, you may decide that it’s worth paying for four to be able to have a class, customized to your needs, just when you need it.
  • Request that we arrange for them to “piggyback” on a private class being conducted by us for one of our onsite training clients (with that client’s approval of course). To do so, please complete our Quick Question and, in the query box in the center of the form, enter the phrase PIGGYBACK followed by the course code of interest. For example, “PIGGYBACK – GSM-I”.
  • Request that we add them to the list of people interested in a WebLive™ class.  To do so, complete our Quick Question and, in the query box in the center of the form, enter the phrase JOIN WEBLIVE followed by the course code of interest. For example, “JOIN WEBLIVE – ANTENNA”.

Do you offer any e-learning courses?

At client request, we can teach courses WebLive™  (private classes taught online by real instructors in real time). We also offer WebLive (TM) courses as public offerings, which are often recorded and made available as e-learning courses FREE to our members. Click the Join/Log in button up top to become a member at no cost, then check out the Knowledge Center for the ‘free for members’ e-learning courses. Keep up with our WebLive (TM) and e-learning courses by subscribing to the Quarterly.