Onsite Training: Root Cause Failure Analysis, FMEA

While some of our reliability engineering courses focus on component failure from a mechanical/materials engineering perspective (e.g., wear, corrosion, rust, fatigue), others focus on failure of systems or processes. All courses can be tailored to your organization and slanted toward failure prevention, root cause determination, or both.

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Root Cause Failure Analysis: Reducing Costs and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

You know the problem: You’ve had a product in production for years with recurring failures you can’t seem to stop. Your people say it’s inherent to the product, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Production continues and so do the failures. You get to watch a sizeable chunk of your profits continue to move from the production line to the scrap bin.

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Tutorial – Systems Failure Analysis: The Fault Tree Methodology

One of the things that make continuous improvement efforts simultaneously stimulating and frustrating is what often seems to be a constant stream of problems. Strong problem solving skills are essential to successful continuous improvement activities. Without these skills one is doomed to solving the same problems repeatedly.

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Root Cause Failure Analysis: A Case Study

Finding the causes of failures in complex systems is much more challenging than simply examining failed components and determining the reasons why they failed. In a systems failure analysis, the failure analysis team must consider complex system interactions, identify all possible failure causes, and then systematically evaluate each to rule hypothesized failure causes in or out.

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