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LATEST POST Research Update: Industrial IoT (IIoT) is part of a broader trend for transforming industry ...

...  as part of a fourth industrial revolution (aka Industry 4.0) that involves much more than manufacturing. IIoT is poised to transform many industry verticals including healthcare, retail, automotive, and transport. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is manifest in architecture that facilitates the flow of information among the various functions in an enterprise. ERP software provides a central repository for all enterprise information while improving the flow of data across organization … More.

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Sharpen your team’s tech edge with a tailored (no extra cost) class from Eogogics taught by a world-class instructor. We offer the 400+ courses shown here and many more (just tell us what you need). We also consult (technical, soft skills) and publish market research on telecom and engineering.

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Cutting-Edge Courses

When you train with Eogogics, you’re taking advantage of our extensive knowledge of industry best-practices as well as our first-hand experience with many large, first-of-a-given-technology projects conducted worldwide over a 25+ year period.

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Best-in-Class Instructors

Our courses are customized to your technical requirements and taught at your own offices (or, in some cases, WebLive™) by distinguished instructors with 25+ year subject matter experience, outstanding presentation skills, publications, patents, awards, honors, and a strong passion to share knowledge.  View catalogs.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop

Our new 2-day IoT workshop takes a broad look at the IoT technical requirements (networks, devices, security, data management, etc.), issues and challenges for deploying and operating an IoT enabled application or service, and some of the more advanced topics that are key to the future of IoT networks, services, and data. The course culminates in a hands-on activity where you will put your knowledge to work by planning an IoT enabled service … More.

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The Eogogics Top 50 Course List
... as currently requested by our clients, but we offer a lot more to choose from -- let us know what you need! All courses can be taught at your offices, some can also be taught WebLive (TM).

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