Want Awesome? Get Awesome! With a tailored class taught by a best-in-class instructor. Choose from our 500+ cutting-edge courses or let us create one just for you. We also consult (technical, soft skills) and publish market research on emerging technologies. We've been wowing clients for 15 years. Let us wow you!

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We Deliver Knowledge, ...

Our courses track the state-of-the-art. Many of them are available only from us. When you train with us, you benefit from our deep knowledge of the industry best-practices and first-hand experience with large ‘first of a given technology’ projects conducted worldwide over a 25+ year period.

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... Experience, and Passion!

We customize our courses to your technical specifications. They are taught at your offices by a faculty of distinguished instructors who have 25+ year subject matter experience, outstanding presentation skills, publications, patents, awards, honors, and a passion to share their knowledge.

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And Our Clients Agree!

“A one word wrap-up of this course? Outstanding! Ron was very knowledgeable. It would’ve been overwhelming given the timeline but with an outstanding instructor and structure it wasn’t. Too often we end up taking courses with instructors who haven’t walked the walk or can’t talk the talk but Ron was on point. Everyone here greatly benefited from it. We really appreciate it. Thanks again.” — US DoD

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New at Eogogics This Quarter

5G, 5G Priority Services, 5G Security, 5G Network Slicing, 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Voice over 5G, Advanced WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Systematic Innovation, RCFA/TRIZ, AI, Robotics, Cloud Robotics, UAV/Drones, Quantum Computing, WPAN, WLLN, Smart Buildings, Wearable Devices, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, more … Read More.

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The Eogogics Top 50 Course List
... as now trending, but we offer a lot more to choose from -- let us know what you need! All courses taught at your offices; some can be taught WebLive (TM).

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