Onsite Training: Interpersonal and Teamwork

We will tailor these ‘people skills’ courses to address the performance issues and challenges specific to your team. We can also make the courses come alive with Action Learning by allowing the participants to work in class on some of their actual on-the-job challenges. Recognizing that holistic solutions require more than training, we also offer several services to support your staff and team development efforts.

You may also want to check out our Onsite Training: Business and Technical Communications curriculum.
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What’s Your (Myers Briggs) Type?

MBTI®, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test is a standardized test that allows an individual to determine his preferred style for interpersonal communications. MBTI has been applied to every aspect of human relationships. It’s obvious how it may be applied to collaboration and conflict resolution.

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Do Guard Dogs Play Basketball?

A high school basketball player got his 15 minutes of fame, but not in the manner he had ever expected. His coach taught the whole team an interesting play but said, “We can only use this once in a lifetime, so be sure you choose the right moment.”

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WIIFO Replaces WIIFM as the New Protocol for Job Satisfaction

A recent study shows that caring for others is one of the primary qualities that lead to happiness. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (IJBM) reports that those who are behaviorally compassionate are healthier and live longer, as long as they are not overwhelmed by the helping tasks.

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