FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Soft-Skills Courses

Here are the top 10 FAQ’s about our Soft-Skills Courses. More info is a phone call or email away. Researching us costs nothing; not doing that could cost you missed opportunity and money.



What are your credentials? And who are your clients?

We’ve been doing ground-breaking HRD projects worldwide for 25+ years. We know it’s less about training and more about learning — and addressing your team’s issues. We’re we’ll-regarded and valued by our Fortune 100-500 clientele.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

  • 25 year first-hand HRD experience and knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Best-in-class instructors.
  • Highly tailored, job focused classes.

What makes your classes more effective?

  • Job-skills focused: Driven by your concerns and tailored to your organization. Include Action Learning (learning while solving a problem that’s mission critical) at no added cost.
  • Highly engaging: Lecture, discussions, exercises, role plays, case studies, simulations, games, contests, World Café, videos, occasionally music and drawing. Practice is what makes training real and our classes have lots of it.

You say you offer Best-in-Class instructors. What does that mean?

Well educated, 15+ year HRD (and 25+ year career) experience, relevant job and life experience that lends authority to their instruction, ISD and platforms trained, certified as applicable, highly engaging, motivating, and inspiring. They are multi-faceted, involved in not just developing and teaching courses but also consulting and coaching. They earn great evaluations, class after class!

So can we talk to our actual instructor before we commit?

Of course! Our instructors are impressive; we want you to talk to them.

What’s unique about your course scheduling process?

Our approach is consultative, focused on solving your problem. You begin by discussing your team’s background and expected training outcomes with our Training Director (MA in ISD, 30+ year experience). We will follow through with a detailed course outline for your feedback. We will bounce this outline back-and-forth till you say it’s final. (All this at no cost or obligation.) This final outline will form the blueprints for a custom course to be taught at your offices on the date chosen by you.

What distinguishes your sales process in the marketplace?

We are focused as much on helping address issues driving your training need as we are on teaching classes. We know your decision may involve multiple criteria and stake-holders. We’ll take the time to address everyone’s concerns. We care as much about being the right partner for you as you do.

Can you tailor your course to our industry, culture, language, processes, and audience?

Yes! You want to train for a reason, we get that! Your class will use the vocabulary, examples, stories, exercises, and case studies that reflect your business. BTW, we rarely charge extra for this.  And, yes, we’ve worked with sensitive issues for 25+ years, so your info is safe with us (NDA’s are available).

Given your custom courses and top-tier instructors, are your classes more expensive?

No! We leverage technology to offer high-impact classes at 10-25% below market price.

Are you a safe choice; will we be happy with your training?

We’ve got a 25+ year record of successful executions. Nearly all classes rate excellent, all clients would recommend us to others, and a good 75% of our business is from loyal customers and their referrals. You will receive awesome service, too. Since most of our revenue is from repeat business, great service is not just something we aspire to, it’s critical to our success. So odds are you will love training with us and keep coming back for more year after year!