You are already on the top rung of the success ladder for your current job and wish to reach for the next level. Or maybe there’s something holding you back from peak performance for your current level. Either way, coaching can help you get there.

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Often confused with training or mentoring, coaching picks up where the former two leave off. A coach, usually a specially trained, external specialist, can help you discover the hidden strengths and resources you never thought you had. How does he or she do that? Through questions that provoke thought and challenge. It’s a powerful technique!

Coaching is the ultimate investment an organization can make in an individual whom it values enough to want to lift to a higher level of performance or responsibility. A six-month contract for one individual that provides for an hour of contact each month costs about the same as a two to three day public seminar and accomplishes much more than a training class ever can! Eogogics offers six to 12 month renewable contracts for organizations that wish to take advantage of professional coaching for one or more of its employees.

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