Test How Creative You Are: Take the Torrance Test of Creativity

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The Test

Here’s a quick way to assess your creativity based on one of the Torrance tests of creative thinking. Don’t read anything below the tin can yet. Just focus on the tin can below and in one minute list as many uses for it as you can. When you are done making your list, read on.



Assessment of Test Results

Ready to analyze your test performance? Click on the box below and a pop-up will open up to help you assess and interpret your test results.

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So What Does It All Mean?

So what’s the intent of the above test? It’s not to find out who among us is the most creative. It’s simply a tool to make us realize we might not be as creative as we think we are. Its primary purpose is to help us recognize that we have structured thinking patterns that can interfere with our ability to develop completely new ideas. Again, don’t despair. There are powerful techniques that can help us break out of these patterns and unleash our engineering creativity. If you would like to learn more about these techniques and how to develop them in your organization, please visit www.eogogics.com/creativity