Leadership Development Program

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Organizations need leaders who can rally the troops when there’s a crisis, challenge them when they are mired in the status quo, calm them when the seas are rough, and propel them into action when there’s a need. Leadership training courses rarely develop leaders of this type.

It takes much more than traditional training to develop the type of a leader described here. Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) offers a comprehensive process for grooming leaders. It is a four to twelve month program that consists of a detailed, up-front 360 degree survey followed by a multi-pronged development process that includes individualized leadership development plans, instructor-led training sessions, action learning teams, self-directed and reflective learning, one-on-one coaching, personal board of directors, and more.

LDP has been carefully designed to help your organization groom real leaders, those whom – as the futurist Joel Barker defined leadership – “others will follow to a place they would normally not go on their own”.

Contact us to schedule the phone consultation that will allow us to understand your leadership development requirements and submit a proposal for an LDP program specific to your organization’s needs.