Free to Current Clients: Now@Web(TM) Courses on Engineering Creativity, 4G Technologies, and NextGen Networks (NGN)

Eogogics offers tailored classes taught onsite at client offices by Best-in-Class instructors. To view the onsite course outlines, begin by selecting  the subject area of interest by clicking one of the orange menu buttons on top. 

While we are a B2B training provider, we occasionally offer WebLive™ classes open to individuals. Real-time, unedited videos of such classes are available free to current clients (who have hosted an Eogogics course in the past year) and for a small fee to non-clients.

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Current Clients  Current clients interested in free courses: Click the course title of interest.

Non-clients Interested in Taking a Video Course  Just call or email. Buyers receive additional materials not included with the free courses.  Orders are accepted subject to our Buyer Agreement.