IEEE WCET Course: WebLive™ on Jan 31 – Feb 10!

Whether you are actually planning to take the IEEE WCET examination or just wish to use the WCET curriculum as a guide for self-directed professional development, you will be interested in our Jan 31 – Feb 10 WebLive™ course (“WCET1”) that closely follows the WCET subject matter.  For the dates/times, cost, course outline, presenter bio, and other details, just follow the course link. To register, visit:

“WCET1” is one of a pair of Eogogics courses tied to the IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies curriculum: It covers such RF (physical layer) topics as: The basics of radio system design and analysis, addressing operating frequency, available spectrum, channel bandwidth, modulation schemes, radio access techniques, basic and advanced antenna systems, using equipment specifications in link budget analysis, and performing path loss analysis based on the type of propagation environment and signal distortions caused by time displacement of radio signals in non-line-of-sight environments.

The course will focus on both the theory and the practice of wireless communications engineering. Come prepared for extensive in-class hands-on work that will make use of a scientific calculator and laptop for running Excel spreadsheets.  We want you to go away not only having understood the key concepts but also well practiced in how to apply them on the job.

The other course in our WCET curriculum, “WCET2”, covers wireless access technologies, network service architecture, network management and security, facilities infrastructure, agreements, standards, policies, and regulation, and more.  Follow the course link for a detailed course outline.

Courses “WCET1” and “WCET2” are taught by Ron Bellavich and Frank Ohrtman, respectively, both Principal Instructors with long careers in wireless engineering, consulting, and instruction. (Click on their names to check out their bios.)

If you have 7 or more participants, these courses can be presented onsite at your corporate offices.  If you have 5 or more participants, we can teach them WebLive™ in our Web-based virtual classroom. If you would like to find out more about these courses or other Eogogics offerings, please give our Sales team a shout at or 1 888 364 6442 (1 888 EOGOGICs).  Happy new year!

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