SDN/NFV (Software Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualization): Networking Game Changers?

The terms SDN and NFV have acquired magical connotations for those who work with networks but are not technical, raising many expectations. Are SDN and NFV really such a game changer for networking? SDN and NFV are among the half dozen or so technologies seeking to address the issues that trouble contemporary networks. The other major technologies in the play include GMPLS, ASON, high-speed Ethernet, NGN, and OTN, with a good deal of overlap between the various solutions that have been proposed.

In this issue of the Eogogics Quarterly, focused on SDN and NFV, we share a number of free knowledge resources with you:

  • You can read this article for a great introduction to Virtualization, SDN, and NFV, including the concepts that underlie these technologies, how the technologies work, their interrelationships, applications, benefits, and their future
  • You can download this tutorial (PDF) on SDN and NFV
  • Or watch this interactive web-presentation (“Sway”) on SDN and NFV

If you are looking for onsite courses (available for presentation worldwide) or research publications on SDN and NFV, take a look at:

So are SDN/NFV game changers for the networking industry? Take a second to create a free Eogogics account (using the blue ‘Join/Log in’ button up top), then post your comments to this blog and let us know. The free account will also give you access to free educational resources and discounts. It’s clear though that SDN and NFV are here to stay and grow in application and importance! If you’d like to learn more about them, this website is a good place to get started.