The Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution: Are You Ready?

Powered by the expansion of connectivity fueled by IPv6, the Internet is quickly morphing from a ‘network of computers’ into a ‘network of things’, and this technology is developing at a much faster pace than other such technologies of the past. Smart phones, cars, homes, buildings, wearable computing devices, unseen but ubiquitous sensors embedded into appliances, equipment and infrastructure, and many other “things” (including living things such as cattle and wildlife) are all getting linked up into a vast and pervasive Internet of Things (IoT)! It’s a disruptive technology that — though largely invisible to consumers — will have profound impact on our everyday lives, how businesses operate, and on the world economy as a whole (multi-trillion dollars) — all in as little as five to 10 years.

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Nearly every industry vertical stands to be transformed by the coming IoT revolution.  The IoT technology is creating enormous opportunities for new services as well as more efficient delivery of existing services.  The rapid pace at which this technology is evolving is also giving rise to major privacy/security risks for individuals, institutions, and public infrastructure — creating new vulnerabilities and giving rise to not-as-yet-thought-of attack modalities, including those of remotely engineered death and destruction. Yet, many businesses and government agencies wonder if this is all passing hype — which it is not — and many do not know how the IoT should fit into their organizational strategy.

So is your organization positioned correctly to benefit from this coming Internet of Things (IoT) revolution? Starting with this issue of the Eogogics Quarterly, we will be publishing a series of articles, courses, and research publications to help our readers better understand the underlying technologies, business and societal impact, potential, and market landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Featured in this issue are an article on distributed computing for the IoT and an update on the new courses and research publications on IoT that have been recently added to our product line-up. Are there IoT issues you’re interested in that are not covered by our courses and research publications? Call us (+1 703 345-4375) or drop us a line at We may be able to help.

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