Diversity: Managing in a Multi-cultural Setting

Onsite Training: Leadership, Management
  • Course:Diversity: Managing in a Multi-cultural Setting
  • Course ID:DIVERSE-M Duration:1 day Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Puzzle:  The Biases We Bring
    • Diversity:  Differences or Perceptions
    • Exercise:  Breaking out of Current Paradigms
  • The Impact of Disparate Treatment
    • Video:  30 minute Blue Eyed Experiment
    • Group Work and Discussion of Video
  • The Impact of Inclusion
    • Group Work: Story of the Misfit Team
    • Discussion:  When Employees Do Not Feel Part of the Team
    • Misperceptions of What Makes a Team Player
  • Respect for All People
    • Case Study:  What Is Considered Disrespectful?
    • Discussion:  Respect; Comparing Notes
    • Group Work:  Behaviors at Our Workplace
    • Exercise:  Recommendations for Rules We all Should Follow
    • Discussion:  Levels of Respect
  • Valuing Diversity through Feedback
    • Role Play:  Giving Feedback that Values, Includes, and Challenges
    • Discussion:  Perceptions of Feedback
  • Diversity as a Business Issue
    • Group work:  Strategies for Developing Diverse Ideas
    • Ensuring all Partners Have a Voice
    • Handling Business Successfully When the Customer Base Becomes More Diverse
  • Managing a Diverse Work Force
    • Case Study:  Creating an Environment of Respect for Everyone
    • Discussion:  Ensuring Management Tools and Processes Support Diversity (i.e., Performance Appraisals, Recruitment Strategies, Job Descriptions)
    • Exercise:  Action Plan for Leveraging Diversity
  • (Optional Module) Legal Considerations
    • Overview:  Laws for Protected Statuses
    • Game:  Do You Know How to Apply the Laws at Work?
    • Case Study:  When and How to Accommodate for Disabilities
    • Discussion:  When Race or Religious Discrimination Is Discrete, What Should a Manager Do?
    • Group Work:  Recognizing Sexual Harassment and Handling It Effectively
  • Case Study:  The Growing Work Place Issue of Age Discrimination
  • Close Out:  Wrap-up and Q & A
Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

This course is part of our acclaimed diversity training program, described in a brochure available on request. It provides managers at every level with the philosophy and tools to foster employee growth and acceptance in a multi-cultural workplace characterized by diversity of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and ability. It also provides the legal framework for managing in an equitable manner without fear of justifiable discrimination suits.


Customize It!

We can conduct this course as a half- or full-day course. It can be customized to cater to employees-only, mangers-only, or mixed audience. It can also be tailored to the diversity issues unique to your environment, whether ethnicity/citizenship, gender, age, religion, disability, or other factors.
With a mixed audience, employees and managers may attend the same course and employees would leave early (or arrive late) so that the managers can attend the managers-only module. This way, managers and employees discuss diversity issues together and managers remain for the segments that focus on leadership responsibilities.


Learn How To

  • Design a plan to understand and build trust with others
  • Acknowledge the positive effects of a diverse work force and be able to re-enforce this philosophy at work
  • Manage processes, work, and people with male/female relationships in mind
  • Increase communication and understanding between different races and sexes, ethnic backgrounds and other differences
  • Recognize the behaviors often construed as discriminatory to ensure they are not prevalent in the work place
  • Create a positive environment where everyone can flourish and be successful
  • Acknowledge that biases and perceptions can shape the ways we manage people
  • Develop strategies to better the organization’s relationship with the public including minority candidates and other businesses
  • Determine the legal implications and discrimination issues that supervisors need to deal with in a diverse work environment
Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Organizations that wish to train their managers to manage for maximum harmony and productivity in a multicultural setting.