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Welcome to our new mobile-friendly newsletter format … and an updated and enhanced website! Besides the new site’s fresh look-and-feel, it offers many new courses, research publications, and Knowledge Center content. (Click the orange ‘”Browse Our Courses’ buttons on top of the website to navigate our course catalog.) We have also fine-tuned the curricula, streamlined the navigation, updated the brochures and catalogs, and reduced the load-time a bit. We’re working on speeding it up further and making it more mobile friendly. It’s now open-access, no login needed.

Power Up!“, the site’s new theme, underscores the exciting new programs we have just introduced to help you synch your team with the latest tech: IoT, 5G, LTE, M2M, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, TETRA, RF, SATCOM, Cloud Computing, SDN, NFV, IP Technologies, Big Data/Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering … also, Technical Management, Leadership, and much more. The What’s New feature highlights the major recent course and research additions.

So read on, and take a moment to take the new site out for a spin. While you are there, click the blue ‘Join (FREE!’ button on top of the website to sign up for the ‘Inner Circle’. It costs noting to do that and will make you instantly eligible for 5% off nearly everything. If you spot something interesting or if we can help you find something, give us a shout (+1 703 345 4375) or drop us a line (info@eogogics.com). See you in class!