Eogogics Augments its Training Offerings with e-Publications Aimed at Technology Decision Makers

KK Arora

Includes Technology Assessments, Market Surveys, Strategy Guides, eBooks, and more

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WASHINGTON/Sept. 21, 2007 — Eogogics Inc., a leader in telecommunications, IT, and soft skill training and services, today announced that it is strengthening its offerings for decision-makers with a new line of technical publications.

Eogogics’s extensive telecom training line already includes courses aimed at engineers as well as managers and executives.  The e-publications complement the information provided by those courses with reports that look at technologies and applications from a decision maker’s vantage point.  “If you are an investor or executive charged with making a go/no-go decision, you need to understand how a technology or application works. You also need access to good, timely market intelligence. Our new publications line was intended to fill this need,” said KK Arora, the President of Eogogics Inc.

The publications, developed by Eogogics and third-party sources, include technology overviews, market assessments, case studies, user surveys, and research.  “Whether you are evaluating a technology, developing a new product line, launching a new application or service, or considering a merger or acquisition, our publications can help speed up the decision-making process and avoid mistakes,” continued Arora.

For more information on or to purchase a publication, visit: https://eogogics.com/publications

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To find out more about the Eogogics public seminars for decision-makers and technologists now being held in Washington, DC, visit: https://eogogics.com/classes

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