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The Woodlands, Texas, June 9th, 2011 – Yesterday, June 8th, 2011 was International IPv6 Day, a day dedicated to increasing global public awareness of a set of computer rules governing how information is exchanged on the Internet. As Dr. Vinton Cerf, one of the Internet’s creators, was being interviewed on National Public Radio about the impact of a switch to IPv6, representatives of ICTX WaveMedia were engaged in an IPv6 migration planning session with a planner and technologist from Washington, DC-based Eogogics Inc. at the ICTX WaveMedia data center in Houston.

“Our network is pretty well ready to go for IPv6 today but the workshop will help us make sure all of our people are prepared and, maybe more importantly, that we’re ready to help our customers over any kind of speed bumps they might encounter”, said Dewayne King, ICTX WaveMedia’s Vice President of Operations. Eogogics engineer and trainer, Jim Cavanagh, who is conducting the four day workshop, characterized the workshop as “a planning session with technical training.” Cavanagh added that “we are covering similarities and differences between the old and new ways of doing things, operational and security considerations as well as planning for how ICTX WaveMedia will do their migration to IPv6.”

The change to IPv6 will impact all users of any form of Internet devices, from the slimmest palm device to the biggest mainframe and will be a smooth, virtually unseen change … if that user’s service provider plans well enough in advance and executes the migration flawlessly. If not, one or more of a variety of problems can occur ranging from loss of certain websites and services to complete inability to communicate. And this, says ICTX’s King, “is completely avoidable with proper planning, which is exactly why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

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