Eogogics to Offer High-End Custom Training at Off-the-Shelf Course Prices

Cutting-Edge Wireless Technology, IT and Soft-Skills Training Available For Worldwide, Onsite Presentation

WASHINGTON/EWORLDWIRE/Jan 17, 2006 — Eogogics Inc., a leader in custom, job-skills training on cutting-edge wireless technologies, IT and soft skills, today announced the availability of the bulk of its courses for worldwide onsite presentation at a new all-inclusive price structure. The courses cover fixed, mobile and satellite wireless, information technology, professional development, interpersonal communications, team work, management and leadership. The courses are part of comprehensive, certification-driven end-to-end curricula but are also available individually as client needs dictate.

“We wanted to bring our high-end training, with its extensive customization, top notch instructors and back-to-the-job follow-up within the reach of a larger audience,” said KK Arora, president of Eogogics Inc. The Eogogics curriculum incorporates a number of innovations. The technology courses follow Eogogics’s exclusive ThinkGogics methodology to reveal the big picture that’s normally lost in the mass of details. The soft-skills courses use action-learning components to make the training job-relevant.

Eogogics Inc. was started in 2005 by Arora, who founded the Wireless Institute of LCC and headed it for nearly 15 years. “Having done pioneering work and held leadership positions in technology training, human resources and performed high-profile projects worldwide, KK is in an ideal position to offer job-skills training solutions that are fresh and novel,” said Susan Sloan, CEO of the Global Wireless Education Consortium (GWEC).

Eogogics’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Government agencies and information and solutions providers such as WiMAX.com. “With the growing, worldwide demand for WiMAX training, we need reliable wireless technology training providers who are able to deliver high quality classroom training and e-learning worldwide,” said Mike Wolleben, president and CEO of WIMAX Communications, Inc. “Eogogics is one of those providers.”

The Eogogics offerings, outlined in a new web site www.eogogics.com, will be expanded in the next few months to include online training options.

For more information, e-mail Eogogics at info@eogogics.com

About Eogogics Inc. (www.eogogics.com)

Eogogics Inc., headquartered outside Washington, D.C., is a one-stop source for training, testing, certification and related services in wireless telecommunications, information technology, technology strategy and professional and leadership development. Eogogics’s clients include companies and government agencies in the United States and abroad. What sets Eogogics apart from its competitors is the combination of deep subject matter expertise, world-class instructors, extensive customization and follow-up at prices representative of off-the-shelf training.

Eogogics(SM) and ThinkGogics(SM) are service marks of Eogogics Inc.

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