NextGen Networks (NGN): 1-hr Mini-course for All Audiences (Course S-NGN)

It’s Now@Web™, a Self-study Course Available 24/7! Recording of Course Taught LIVE on Oct 7, 2009 with Two-Way Interactivity.
Duration:1 Hour

Target Audience, Prerequisites, and Brief Description

This one hour self-study course is aimed at all who need a quick, non-technical introduction to Next Generation Networks (NGN).

You will learn that NGN means many different things. We will present a multi-faceted view of NGN’s, looking at them from the perspective of traditional carriers, service providers, managed service providers, and end-user organizations. You will go away with a high-level overview of network evolution and your role in it.   Taking advantage of the interactivity of the WebLive™ platform, we will have plenty of time allotted to audience polling, Q/A, and discussion.

Meet the Presenter: James P. Cavanagh

James P. Cavanagh, a Principal Member of the Eogogics Telecommunications Faculty, spends most of his waking hours helping clients understand how they can cost- effectively and securely harness the rapidly growing power of IP-based services and how they can future-proof their communications. His clients include government agencies, service providers, carriers, and others.

Responsible for teaching the Eogogics courses on NGN, IMS, EoIP, SIP, VoIP, Mobile IP, IPSec, IPV6, MPLS, SNMP, and other networking technologies, he is renowned for his ability to explain complex ideas in terms that are easy to understand as well as entertaining and allows them to be put to work immediately. His rich career has spanned X.25 and ISDN to Web 2.0 and Unified Communications. He has written or edited half dozen books and hundreds of articles and white papers. He has designed very local and very global networks for organizations ranging from schools and universities to international energy giants.  Jim is more eager than ever to leverage Eogogics’s bidirectional WebLive™ platform to continue the ongoing conversation on these very important and still evolving topics. Read detailed bio…


Detailed Course Outline

  • NGN Perspectives
    • An NGN vs THE NGN
    • Definitions: Carrier, Service Provider, Managed Service Provider, End-User
    • Definitions and the OSI Model
    • NGN: Carrier Perspective
    • NGN: Service Provider Perspective
    • NGN: Managed Service Provider Perspective
    • NGN: End User Perspective
    • Big Bandwidth vs Managed Bandwidth – Again!
  • NGN Services
    • Service Characteristics
    • Data: Traditional and Dynamic, Web-Page Based and Message-Based
    • Audio: Voice/Speech/Sound
    • Video: One-Way, Two-Way
    • Telemetry and Signaling
  • NGN User/Premise
    • IPv4 and IPv6
    • Mobile, Nomadic and Stationary Users
    • Wireless and Wireline Technologies
    • Evolution of End-Systems
    • Premise Access and Distribution
  • NGN Access
    • Metallic /Save the Copper
    • Fiber /Fiber to the Premise/Fiber in the Loop
    • Wireless: WiFi, WiMAX, Cellular-based, Mobility
    • Hybrids
  • NGN Core
    • Fiber and Micro Electro-Mechanical Switching (MEMS)
    • Routing At The Edge
    • MPLS -> VPLS
    • Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB)/Provider Backbone Trunking (PBT)
  • Some Thoughts on Security
    • Integrated/Embedded
    • IPSec and NGNs
    • Other Security Ideas
  • On The Horizon: Next Next Generation Networks
    • End Systems: Netbooks, NextGen PDAs, Embedded IP and RFID
    • Access: Wi???, Cellular and Mobility
    • Core: Fiber, EHDWDM and Synchronicity
  • Course Wrap-up: Recap, How to Learn More about NGNs