Step up to Supervision!

Courses: Supervision, Management, Leadership
  • Course:Step up to Supervision!
  • Course ID:SUPERVISE Duration:2 days Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Supervision
    • Exercise: Fears and expectations
    • Introductions exercise: What is a supervisor’s responsibility for setting a social context at work?
  • Leadership in a Supervisory Role
    • Video: Leadership Is
    • Characteristics of a leader
    • Creating a leadership model
  • Generating a Culture of Success
    • Setting employee expectations
    • Developing learning plans for all types of employees
    • Engaging your staff
    • Preparing for that first staff meeting; using it to set your course
  • Performance Management System
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Delegating and empowering
    • Coaching as a process
    • Motivating all types of employees
    • Maintaining a respectful workplace
  • Evaluating Performance
    • Giving objective performance-based appraisals
    • Partnering with employees on personal/career growth
    • Counseling and disciplining when necessary
  • Wrap Up
    • Bringing a personal leadership model to life
    • Creating an action plan for success
Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

Workers often get promoted to supervisory positions because they demonstrate mastery of job skills along with an innate ability to deal with people.  Those are helpful qualities but not all that one needs to be a good supervisor.  New supervisors may also find their authority tested, or face resentment over their promotion from their former coworkers.

Communication, delegation, coaching, and modes of influence are the ingredients of supervisory success — and the agenda of this course.  We will show you how to let go of doing the job to take on the challenge of supervising others’ performance.  You will learn how to use effective communications to build a strong team,  ease your workload through delegation while encouraging empowerment,  provide feedback and coaching to enhance morale and productivity,  balance support with accountability, set goals and expectations and measure performance against them, counsel and discipline when necessary, and develop individual relationships that foster commitment, creativity, and desire to excel.  You will walk away from the course with a personal leadership action plan as well as a template for that all-important first staff meeting.


Customize It!

Customize this course at little-to-no additional cost to your specific needs:

  • Tell us about your work product, policies and procedures, and organizational culture, so we can tailor the course to your work environment and challenges.
  • Management changes are often the result of or catalyst for organizational changes in general.  Are there new or unpopular policies or procedures that you, as a supervisor, will be responsible for implementing?   Or are there aspects of your management or work culture you would like to change?  If so, tell us about them so we can weave those actual or desired changes into the program.


Learn How To

  • Accept and appreciate the transition from “doing” to “supervising”
  • Create an ally with a competitor who wanted your position
  • Recognize the boundaries of friendship with your staff and create new support systems to assist you in your role
  • Differentiate between supervisory, middle manager, executive, and combination roles and help your manager remain within his or her role so you can remain within yours
  • Utilize a four step process for delegating
  • Create a plan for praise and feedback that rewards and motivates
  • Coach by balancing support, responsibility, empowerment, trust, and communication style
  • Recognize when employees need their hands held and when to let go
  • Accept negative feedback constructively
  • Recognize when discipline is called for and use it as an effective behavior modification tool
  • Prepare for that first staff meeting to set the stage for success


Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Have you been recently promoted to a team or project leader position?  Or are you a frustrated supervisor who wishes you could start all over with a new supervising strategy.  Whether you are new to supervision or have unmotivated or defiant followers, this course is for you.