Preventing Sexual Harassment

Onsite Training: Interpersonal and Teamwork
  • Course:Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Course ID:HARASS Duration:1 day Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Sexual Harassment
    • Initial Assessment
    • Definition
      • Types of Sexual Harassment
      • Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Discrimination
      • Other Types of Harassment
    • Quid Pro Quo
    • Statistics and Facts
    • Employer Responsibility and Liability
    • Myths
    • Review and Exercises
  • Avoiding Sexual Harassment
    • Physical
      • Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Touching
      • Rules of Touching
      • Innuendos
    • Non-Verbal
      • Eye-Contact
      • Sending Signals
      • Correspondence
    • Verbal
      • Appropriate Speech
      • Jokes
      • Compliments
    • Gender and Cultural Considerations
      • Overcoming Stereotypes
      • Sensitivity
    • Review and Exercises
  • Addressing Sexual Harassment
    • What To Do If You Are Sexually Harassed
      • Direct Response
      • Company Policy
      • Union Member Procedures
      • Filing a Complaint with the EEOC
    • What To Do If You Are Accused of Sexual Harassment
      • Direct Response
      • Company Policy
      • Union Member Procedures
      • Filing a Complaint with the EEOC
    • Review and Exercises
  • Relationships within the Workplace
    • Maintaining Relationships in the Workplace
    • Review and Exercises
  • Considerations for Management
    • Acceptable Use of Power
    • Handling Employee Claims
      • Confidentiality
      • Prompt Action
      • Understanding Company Procedures
        • Documentation
        • Investigation
      • Avoid Making Assumptions
    • Educating Yourself and Others
    • Demonstrating Proper Conduct
    • Management Liability
    • Review and Exercises
  • Wrap-up and Q & A


Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

Sexual harassment is an ever-present issue in today’s workplace and one that can be prevented through proactive training.

We will start the course with an assessment of your existing understanding of the issue, then proceed to a thorough discussion of the subject including what constitutes sexual harassment in a work setting, the five steps to preventing sexual harassment, what to do if you become a victim, how to address sexual harassment claims, and an overview of the relevant state laws pertaining to sexual harassment.  This workshop includes real-life scenarios and exercises to help you fully prepare yourself to deal with this critical subject as a worker or manager.


Customize It!

Customize this course at little-to-no additional cost to your specific needs.

  • We offer distinct versions tailored for such audiences as workers, supervisors and managers, and executive teams.
  • The course can be customized to your workplace setting, such as office or industrial.
  • We can also tailor it to your state-specific requirements.


Learn How To

  • Define sexual harassment
  • Identify signs of sexual harassment
  • Understand the boundaries of acceptable versus unacceptable behavior
  • Understand the need for sexual harassment training
  • Deal with being sexually harassed
  • Deal with being accused of sexual harassment
  • Promote a healthy, respectful work environment


Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Whether you are an employee or manager, business owner or executive, office or factory worker, male or female, you will benefit from taking this course.