Effective Negotiation: Beyond Win-Win!

Onsite Training: Interpersonal and Teamwork
  • Course:Effective Negotiation: Beyond Win-Win!
  • Course ID:NEGOTIATE Duration:1 day Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • When do we negotiate?
    • Formal negotiations and their structure
    • Informal negotiating and influence situations
  • Negotiation and Conflict Styles
    • Inventory: What is my style?
    • Negotiation styles of others
    • Control/power versus influence; when not to negotiate
    • Selling “ideas”: When you’re “selling”, are they “buying”? How to make that happen
  • Achieving a Win/Win or Accomplishing Interest-Based Negotiations
    • Description of a win/win
    • Determining what success should look like
    • Dispelling negotiation myths
    • Five negotiation outcomes explored
    • Engaging in interest-based negotiations
    • Partnering vs. one time deals
  • Preparing to Negotiate
    • Setting up a pre-negotiation strategy that creates the win/win scenario
    • Planning a negotiation process to match other styles, interests andideologies
    • Create an interest-based playing field
    • Using position power carefully
    • Enlarging the pie: Preparing for mutual goal setting
  • Negotiation as a Process
    • Seven steps of negotiation explored
      • Relationship or rapport building: The best one for each situation
      • True listening: To both what is said and meant
      • Interpreting counterparts
      • Creating an environment conducive to success
      • Negotiation with a “misfit team”; applying the process
    • Helping others become open and fair negotiators and dealing with non-negotiators
      • Questioning and dialoging
      • Negotiating from weakness
      • When and how to close
      • The power of follow through
    • Negotiation nuances in supervisor/employee relationships
  • When Negotiation Turns to Conflict
    • Selecting the best options at critical moments
    • How and when to use concessions
    • Language to regain trust and momentum
    • When and how to play a trump card
    • Six unfair moves and how to derail them
    • Recognizing when “walk away” is the best option
  • Closing
    • Wrap-up
    • Q/A
    • Personal action planning


Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

Are you trying to sell your great idea to a colleague, influence a product selection decision, agree on a project deadline with a subordinate, convince a company to partner with yours, or talk a vendor into bringing his price down?  Whether one calls it selling, persuasion, or influencing, negotiation is something we all do, all day long.

This course will teach you the secrets used by master negotiators to achieve their objectives while gaining new allies at the same time.  We will discuss the different negotiation and conflict styles, how to get ready to negotiate, and the process of win-win or interest based negotiations.   We will show you how to deal with people who play games or use hardball tactics such as needing to get their manager’s approval, walking away from negotiations, or blowing up to get their way.  You will learn how to handle difficult situations such as when you must negotiate from weakness or when negotiation erupts into conflict.  In short, you will learn all the strategies needed to move your counterpart into a negotiation and then move the outcome to a win/win.


Customize It!

Customize this course at little-to-no additional cost to your particular needs.

  • Tell us about the specific negotiating situations you’re involved with and the difficulties you are having, and we’ll tailor the course to your own real-life challenges.
  • Combine this course with its sister course on conflict management (see Related Courses).


Learn How To

  • Determine your own negotiation style and evaluate it for effectiveness
  • Understand when to negotiate and when to employ alternative strategies
  • Explore the three modes of negotiation
  • Move a negotiation toward a win-win or interest-based solution
  • Differentiate between “sales” and “ideas” negotiation and use each effectively and appropriately
  • Create a negotiation plan of preparedness
  • Use the seven-step process for negotiating successfully
  • Use perception as your ally when introducing new ideas
  • Negotiate successfully from weakness
  • Negotiate effectively in adversarial relationships
  • Handle situations that are complex or have political implications
  • Deal with those who refuse to negotiate
  • Reach agreement with a non-committed counterpart


Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Everyday, everyone must negotiate to achieve their goals.  From merging into traffic on the way to work to getting a colleague to help meet a deadline, we are always negotiating.  By seeing all interpersonal transactions as negotiations and by learning the basics of negotiation and influence techniques, we can all greatly enhance our organizational effectiveness.




  • “Since our core business involved constant landlord and tenant negotiation and renegotiation, effective negotiation was mission critical. We needed customized courses that were specific to our industry and our company and included case studies derived from our own business. Eogogics developed and taught those on time and within budget and received excellent reviews from the business people who participated in these courses." – Peggy Fayvich, Vice President, Organization Development, Crown Castle International