Onsite Training: General Wireless, WiMAX, Other

This page lists general courses on wireless technologies that don’t fit into a particular technology category. It also lists courses on WiMAX (including Fixed WiMAX, IEEE 802.16, and Mobile WiMAX, IEEE 802.16e onward) and other less frequently requested technologies. If you’re looking for WiFi courses, those are on our Short-Range Wireless page. If this is the only Eogogics wireless curriculum you have viewed thus far, be aware: We have lots of wireless courses in many different categories. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can browse our full wireless curriculum or use the search function on top of this page to look for it.

You may also want to check out our Onsite Training: 4G LTE, LTE Advanced, VoLTE curriculum.
Sampling of Related Knowledge Center Content

4G and NGN: It’s Déjà Vu All over Again. Again. And Maybe Even Again!

From the user/customer perspective, what are the vital success characteristics and capabilities for these technologies? Presence: logically or physically locating or hiding the location of individuals or assets. Preference: allowing someone to personalize, or customize the communications experience. For individual services it will be the subscriber who sets preferences but it may also be a manager, administrator following a policy or a collaborative effort.

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I Want My 4G Now: LTE vs. WiMAX. Not!

If one listens to industry analysts, it would seem the discussion on 4G is entirely about LTE vs. WiMAX. If only it were that simple. In going through the bill of materials for a 4G network, there is a very long way to go before reaching a decision of LTE vs. WiMAX.

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e-Learning – WiMAX Short Course

A 43-slide Power Point presentation that overviews the WiMAX network architecture, physical layer, and MAC layer.

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WiMAX Technology Overview for Technical Audiences (Course W-WMX2)

Starting with a critique of WiMAX within the “the 3 A’s framework” (Access, Applications, Affordability), we look at the WiMAX performance parameters, address the major objections to WiMAX [such as security, Quality of Service (QoS), and interference mitigation], and discuss applications where WiMAX is a cost-effective solution.

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