Consulting: Telecom and Broadcast

Eogogics SMEs teach and offer R&D/consulting on telecommunications and broadcast topics that include business strategy and economics, technology selection and migration, network engineering and optimization, security assessment, regulatory and litigation support, and more.

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Telecommunications and Broadcast Strategy and Business Economics

  • Wireless market advisory: Suppliers, service providers, key patent holders, penetration by technology and country, market projections, competitive analysis
  • Subject matter expertise: For management consulting companies, financial analysts, and investors; support with investor presentations
  • Strategy: Corporate, market, product, partner/channel strategy; services definitions by technology selection (deployed and future); asset monetization
  • Planning: Business planning; technical support for the development, analysis, or validation of business plans
  • Merger/acquisition (M&A) and divestiture: Outlook, advice, and due diligence
  • One-one-one executive educational/advisory briefings
  • Wireless handsets: Technologies, operating systems, application environments, services, apps and apps stores, vendor competitive analysis, mobile operator handset strategies, next-generation handsets, pricing, and trends


Regulatory, Law, Forensics

  • Assistance with the review and interpretation of telecommunications regulation
  • Technical representation with the FCC
  • FCC spectrum auctions: Regulatory, legislative, technical, and economic advisory
  • Technology/market advice and expert witness service in support of patent litigation
  • Technical support of law enforcement and homeland security efforts
  • RF safety measurement and assessment
  • Development of corporate RF safety plans


Mobile, RF/Microwave, and Fixed Network Design and Optimization

  • Development and analysis of technology migration plans, both RF and core networks
  • 5G/4G wireless technology/vendor assessment, comparison, selection
  • 5G/4G wireless RF network dimensioning, planning, design, optimization
  • RF propagation modeling, interference analysis, coverage and capacity planning, digital transmission systems (coding, modulation)
  • Wireless network performance drive-testing and post-processing/analysis of test data
  • Design and analysis of public safety wireless and land mobile radio systems
  • Design and analysis of networks and links including cellular/wireless, line-of-sight microwave links, short-range wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee), etc.
  • Wireless device and application design and development, including algorithm design
  • Fixed network optimization, both transport and switching
  • Design and analysis of optical links and networks including SONET/SDH and DWDM
  • Network efficiency, performance, and security audits
  • Technology selection, planning, design, and implementation/migration help for technologies such as IPv6, IMS, SIP, VoIP, MPLS, SNMP, cloud computing, tmforum methodologies (Frameworx, eTOM, SID, TAM), and more
  • Process design and implementation