Onsite Training: SNMP

Included here are courses on SNMP, SNMPv3, and agent development. All courses are customizable to your organization’s SNMP environment and your team’s knowledge needs

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Onsite Training: SNMP
all can be taught at your offices, some also on the Web
Courses: SNMP
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TV Studios, Airborne Military Platforms, James Bond … and SNMP

As do most technologies, SNMP has its own unique terminology, some of which is quite intriguing.  Here are some examples: managing agents, agent control, shared secret keys, view access control, passwords, trivial security, and on occasion the need to “kill an agent”. Armed with this new vocabulary, your friends’ image of you could quickly change from Dilbert to something more like James Bond!

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Tutorial: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

The SNMP architecture is composed of three major elements: Managers (software) are responsible for communicating with (and managing) network devices that implement SNMP Agents (also software). Agents reside in devices such as workstations, switches, routers, microwave radios, printers, and provide information to Managers. MIBs (Management Information Base) describe data objects to be managed by an Agent within a device. MIBs are actually just text files, and values of MIB data objects are the topic of conversation between Managers and Agents.

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