To Blog, or Not to Blog: That Is (Hardly) the Question.

In the past few months, more than one newspaper has carried articles referring to the slow-down, if not demise, of the blogging phenomenon.  (A WSJ story also talked about how some companies employ ghost bloggers living half-way around the world to “adapt” content found on other web sites that they can pass off as their original blogs for remunerations as low as a dollar an article.)  What they are talking about though is blogging as a business.  We may not see many more deals like the Time Warner acquisition of Weblogs Inc. for $25 million.  However, the number of blogs, currently around 30 million, continues to quadruple every year.  (Though, to be fair, the active blogs – those that get updated at least weekly – are only a tenth of that number.)

So why do we want to start a blog?  I’m surrounded at Eogogics by people whose life and work experience has exposed them to interesting people and situations.  They have stories to tell, of travel itineraries gone awry, harrowing encounters with overzealous airport officials, heartwarming hospitality in far away lands,  comic misunderstandings that can arise when people of varied linguistic and cultural persuasions come together for business or after-hours pleasure,  or interesting client-site experiences (not all of which can be told!).  I know they have tales to recount because I’ve heard many of them at company socials, some more than once — and I have to say they seem to get better with each telling.  We’ll share with you, too, opinions, information, humor, surveys, quizzes, brain teasers and more.

This page is also a means for the reader, that’s you, to voice your thoughts and peeves and to share your stories with others. I encourage you to post your comments to the blogs.  You’ll need to become a site member to be able to do that.  I also invite you to e-mail your own blog contribution to  I ask only that the contribution be original, generally related to the content of our web site, and be in good taste.  All outside contributions accepted for publication will receive our thank-you and a $20 gift certificate.  That’s a lot better than the wages received by the writers of some outsourced blogs.  Happy blogging!