April Foolishness: (Clean) Engineer and Manager Jokes


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Happy April Fools Day!


A man, flying in a hot air balloon, realizes that he is lost. He reduces his height and spots a man down below. He lowers the balloon further and shouts, “Excuse me, sir, can you tell me where I am?”

“Yes, of course, you’re in a hot air balloon, hovering about 40 feet above this field”, says the man below.

“You must be an engineer” says the balloonist.

“I am,” replies the man. “How did you know?”

“Well,” says the balloonist, “everything you have told me is technically correct, but it’s of hardly any use to anyone.”

“You must be in management,” replies the man below.

“I am,” answers the balloonist, “but how did you know?”

“Well,” says the man, “you don’t know where you are, or where you’re going, but you expect me to be able to help. You’re in the exact same situation you were before we met, except that now it’s my fault.”


What’s the difference between a Mechanical Engineer and a Civil Engineer?

Mechanical Engineers build weapons, Civil Engineers build targets.