WebLive™: An Instructor-Led Seminar Presented Live on the Worldwide Web

You need not travel very far from your computer to attend this seminar. It’s presented WebLive™!

WebLive.JPGWhat’s a WebLive™ Class?

First, what it’s not: It’s NOT an e-learning, pre-recorded, or self-study course. It’s a live class taught in real time by real instructors.  Only, it’s taught on the World Wide Web, at a time convenient to many timezones. Hence, WebLive™! Note that WebLive classes offer real training; they are not infomercials for products or services that many webinars are.

How Is a WebLive™ Class Taught?

A day or two before the WebLive class, you will receive an email that will show you how to sign on to the webcast. You will “meet” with your instructor and fellow participants in a “virtual classroom” on our website. The classroom will look much like a real classroom, with a projection screen and white board. You will be able to see and hear the instructor. He will be able to hear you and, if you have a webcam, see you as well.  You can raise your hand, ask a question, share computer applications, engage in discussion with your classmates, participate in a virtual lab, take a test, provide feedback, and much more.  As with an onsite class, if you complete all of the classwork, you will receive an attractive course certificate by mail, shipped at our expense.

Note re the RF Safety Course

Additionally, the RF Safety webinar provides the option to take an examination following the class. If you pass this test, you will receive a certificate attesting to your successful completion of RF safety training based on the US Government guidelines and taught by an FCC-recommended RF safety expert.