Training and Documentation Development

Do you lack the staff to execute that hot course or documentation development project? Or is there too much to develop in too short a time frame? Or are you simply looking for a more cost effective alternative to in-house development? We can help you turn out impressive courses and manuals timely and without busting your budget.

Here are just some of the things we can help you develop through a combination of in-sourced and out-sourced development solutions:

  • Custom instructor-led courses
  • Custom eLearning courses, including self-paced (CBT, WBT), “nano-training” (podcasts, PDA-based courses), and web-live courses
  • Tutorials and work books
  • Instructor guides
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Job aids
  • Human resource policies and handbooks
  • Benefit and career guides
  • Outplacement guides
  • Procedure manuals
  • Decision-making guides
  • Business processes

Download brochure: Training and Documentation Development