Future of Wireless: WiMAX, UMB, 3G LTE, 4G

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1 day(s)

Aimed At

Sales/marketing personnel, investors, analysts, and other professionals and managers who need to stay abreast of the development in the rapidly evolving field of wireless communications.


While you don’t have to be an engineer, you should be comfortable with the discussion of technological issues and have some prior exposure to the wireless industry.

Course in a Nutshell

This course will help you acquire a bird’s eye-view of where wireless has come from and where it’s headed. We will start with a review of the history of wireless technology for the past 20 years. Having understood the forces that drove the evolution of wireless from 1G to 2G and from 2G to 3G, we will take a look at WiMAX and other 4G broadband technologies that are now in the planning or preliminary deployment stages. You will learn the important concepts and terminology and gain insight into the key technical and marketing challenges associated with WiMAX and other emerging technologies.

Course Outline

  • History of Wireless Technology
    • A brief review of RF basics
    • Timeline of major technology developments
    • Early mobile radio systems
    • “Improved” Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS)
  • Frequency Reuse and the Emergence of Cellular Radio Systems
  • Mobile Radio Spectrum and RF Propagation Basics
  • “Advanced” Mobile Phone Service (AMPS)
  • 2G Wireless Technologies
    • North American TDMA: IS-136
    • CDMA: IS-95
    • “European” TDMA: GSM
    • GSM’s evolution to GPRS and EDGE
  • 3G Wireless Technologies
    • cdma2000
    • 1xRTT
    • 1xEVDO and 1xEVDV
  • Advanced Wireless Technologies: 4G and Beyond
    • What’s driving the ongoing evolution of wireless technology?
    • What is, and is NOT, 4G?
    • Outlook for advanced wireless systems
    • Emerging broadband wireless standards
  • Evolving 4G Standards
    • 3GPP/3GPP2 and their standardization roles
    • The IEEE standardization process
    • WiFi and WiMAX
    • Comparison of WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX
    • WiBro (South Korea)
    • Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB)
    • 3G Long Term Evolution (3G LTE)
    • Evolved-UTRA (E-UTRA)
    • Understanding OFDM
    • A quick look at MIMO
  • Major Proprietary Broadband Wireless Technologies
    • ArrayComm’s i-Burst
    • Qualcomm’s (formerly Flarion’s) Flash-OFDM
  • The Future of Broadband Wireless Networks
    • The marketing challenges
    • The technical challenges
    • Course recap, Q/A, and evaluations