David R. Smith

david-smith.pngDr. David R. Smith

Dr. David R. Smith, a Principal Member of the Eogogics Telecommunications Faculty, offers a blend of knowledge, experience, and dynamism that few can match. No wonder he’s in demand for short courses on a variety of subjects all over the world. Well versed in both wireless and wireline communications, his experience includes over 30 years in R&D and consulting combined with 20 years of university teaching. His instruction reflects the mastery of theory resulting from his strong academic background, practical perspective acquired from his work with the United States Dept. of Defense and the private sector, and insights gained from his consulting work with the leading telecom companies.

Dave has been a researcher and manager within the Department of Defense, where he contributed to the development of digital transmission systems and wireless networks. He has taught for the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Departments of Georgia Tech and George Mason University. He is currently a professor with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the George Washington University in Washington, DC. His research interests include wireless telecommunications, radio communications, public safety communications, optical networking, digital communications, propagation modeling, and computer simulation and modeling of communication systems. Dave is currently the Director of ECE Programs at the GWU Virginia Campus and the Deputy Director of the GWU Space and Advanced Communications Research Institute (SACRI) for Wireless Research.

He is credited with numerous papers and presentations at conferences around the world and has chaired several sessions of IEEE conferences. He is a reviewer for the IEEE, the National Science Foundation (NSF), book publishers, and for other scientific/engineering organizations. He has written chapters for two text books and has authored two books himself in the area of digital communications and wireless communications, Digital Transmission Systems and Emerging Public Safety Wireless Communication Systems.

Dave had a B.S. in Physics from Randolph-Macon College, an M.S.E.E from Georgia Tech, and a Ph..D. in E.E from the George Washington University. His doctoral dissertation was in the area of radio fading channels.