Wireless Technologies – Comprehensive

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  • Course:Wireless Technologies – Comprehensive
  • Course ID:WIRELESS Duration:5 days Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • GSM System Architecture
    • BSS subsystem
    • NSS subsystem
    • HLR/VLR databases: Subscriber services
  • Wireless Concepts
    • GSM frequency bands
    • Channel concepts
    • Cell planning principles
  • Interfaces
    • PCM transmission medium
    • Um interface description (bursts, frames, Multiframes)
    • Abis interface
    • A-Ater interface
  • Signaling: SS#7
    • Layer 1 (MTP-1)
    • Layer 2 (MTP-2)
    • Layer 3 (MTP-3)
    • SCCP
  • GSM Idle Mode
    • Cell selection
    • Cell reselection
    • Paging
    • BCCH system info
    • IMSI attach/detach
    • Location update normal/periodical
    • Roaming
  • GSM Busy Mode
    • Traffic Cases: PSTN-PLMN call, PLMN-PLMN call, international call
    • Handovers: Intra BSC handover, interBSC handover, inter MSC handover
    • GSM radio features
  • GPRS System Architecture Overview
    • Introduction to GPRS principles
    • GPRS requirements on GSM BSS
    • GPRS node elements
  • GPRS Interfaces
    • Um interface
    • Gb Interface
    • Gs Interface
    • Gn interface
    • TCP/IP packet transmission
  • GPRS Idle Mode
    • GPRS cell selection
    • GPRS cell reselection
    • Paging
    • MPDCH format
    • GPRS attach
  • GPRS Connected Mode
    • PDP context activation
    • GPRS packet data transmission
    • GPRS cell change
  • GPRS/EDGE Solution
    • 8QPSK vs GMSK modulation
    • MCS: Modulation Coding Schemes
    • Supported data rates
    • EDGE firmware requirements
  • UMTS Overview
    • History of UMTS evolution
    • WCDMA air interface details
  • LTE Overview
    • EPS: An overview
    • LTE air interface
    • OFDM principles: FDD and TDD
    • MIMO for enhanced data rates
    • EPC core network architecture
  • WiMAX Overview
    • Capabilities of WiMAX
    • EEE 802.16 standards
    • WiMAX Forum and WiMAX standards
    • WiMAX technology basics
  • Mobile Applications
    • SMS principle
    • MMS principle
    • VoIP solutions
    • MBMS over WCDMA/LTE
    • Mobile email
  • Wrap-up: Recap, Q/A, and Evaluations


Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

This five-day course presents a comprehensive overview of the major contemporary and emerging wireless telecommunications technologies from the perspective not of a wireless network engineer but that of someone engaged in supporting or using wireless networks. The course can be taught at the required degree of technicality, ranging from nontechnical to very technical.

Starting with the basics of wireless networks, it covers GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, and WiMAX. Also discussed are the key interfaces, Signaling System (SS7), and the applications of wireless. The course can be customized to include the technologies of interest to a particular audience.


Customize It!

This course can be customized to your group by including or excluding technologies as dictated by your own needs and by varying the “tech level” to suit the backgrounds of your group.


Learn How To

  • Learn the key cellular communications concepts that underlie all wireless networks
  • Describe the GSM system architecture
  • Describe the major interfaces
  • Describe SS7 including layers 1-3 and SCCP
  • Describe the operation of GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS
  • Describe WiMAX and LTE
  • List and describe the major mobile applications




Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Managers and professionals in OSS/BSS, enterprise wireless, and others whose job requires an overview of major contemporary and emerging wireless technologies.



There are no prerequisites, but a degree of ease with technology-related issues and some prior exposure to wireless technologies will be helpful.