VSAT Design, Installation, Program Management

Onsite Training: Satellite Communications
  • Course:VSAT Design, Installation, Program Management
  • Course ID:SATSHOP Duration:1 day Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Managing a Satellite Project
  • Project Schedule
    • Customer questionnaire
    • Site survey
    • Design
    • Ordering process
    • In-factory test
    • Transportation
    • Resources
    • Delays
  •  Practical Vendor Selection
    • Modems
    • LNA’s
    • HPA
    • Antennas
    • Satellite bandwidth
  • Installation
    • Site survey
    • Tools
    • Cables
    • Connectors
    • Pointing the VSAT
    • Steerable antennas
    • Look angles
    • Satellite time
  • Wrap-up: System View
    • Putting it all together
    • Where things can go wrong



Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

Designing and deploying a VSAT network offers many challenges. Some of these challenges are technical, some are logistical, and some are simply from the realm of the unexpected. Experience makes the difference!  Through examples and exercise, you will learn how to design and deploy a VSAT satellite network. You will learn everything from eliciting and documenting the customer requirements to developing project plans and schedules. You will undertake a real world case study to select vendors based on the criteria provided. You will learn what to look for in site surveys and how to avoid the mistakes that are commonly made. Finally, you will run through a complete installation process to learn what could go wrong. All in all, a day very well spent!


Customize It!

  • Are you a wireless or satellite engineer who’s familiar with the theory of satellite communications and need to understand the practical issues?  Let us know and we will focus on the areas that interest you the most.
  • Are you designing or deploying a military satellite network? If so, we can incorporate examples drawn from the real world military networks.
  • Are you a manager, executive, or sales person with responsibility for the management of satellite network deployment?  If so, we can emphasize the parts of the course that deal with proposal writing and program management.
  • Combine this course with SATCOM (2 days), for a 3-day high-impact course covering both the theoretical and practical issues.  Please ask about the “combo discount”.


Learn How To

  • Learn the step-by-step process for designing and deploying a real world satellite VSAT network.
  • Learn how to :
    • elicit and document the customer requirements
    • plan and resource a project
    • design a satellite system
    • select the right vendors
    • avoid the mistakes commonly made


Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Technical audience with some prior exposure to satellite communications.



  • "Organized, great depth, very relevant content. Great applications and comprehensive. Instructor very experienced, great delivery, fun, engaging. Has a wealth of practical knowledge. Excellent documentation, easy to understand, with helpful exercises." – Okechukwu Mezu, Computer Engineer, NASA
  • "Very descriptive, breaks everything down. Ron had a story to wrap each topic into general subject to make sense of equation ... leads you to final goal of completing link budget analysis. A SATCOM class that everyone should get so they buy and use correct equipment." – C. Steinhauser, Technician, US Army