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  • Course:UMTS-TDD
  • Course ID:UMTS-TDD Duration:2 days Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to UMTS with a Review of the Key FDD Mode Concepts
    • UMTS releases and associated features: An Overview
    • UMTS network architecture
    • UMTS radio technology overview: UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA) and what’s new in the TDD mode
    • Review of the spread spectrum techniques as applied to UTRA
    • Review of the concepts of physical channels, transport channels, and logical channels
  • UMTS-TDD Channelization Concepts and Implementation
    • UMTS physical channels: Definition, properties, and usage; what’s new in TDD
    • UMTS transport channels: Definition, properties, and usage; what’s new in TDD
    • UMTS logical channels: Definition, properties, and usage: What’s new in TDD
    • Mapping of logical channels to transport channels: What’s new in TDD
    • Mapping transport channels to physical channels: What’s new in TDD
    • TDD slot structures and associated degrees of freedom (and complexity)
  • UMTS-TDD Spreading and Modulation Specifics
    • Specifics of spreading in the dedicated channel in the TDD mode
    • Overview of spreading in other channels in the TDD mode
  • Course Recap and Conclusion
Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

In this course, you will build on your existing knowledge of UMTS-FDD networks by learning the structures added by TDD. The relationships between the logical channels, transport channels, and physical channels build on the corresponding relationships of the FDD mode, but they do bring in some added complexity, along with the added capabilities. We will discuss how to exploit these capabilities to come up with good network designs, trouble shoot performance problems, and identify solution approaches. This will help you do a better job of designing and optimizing UMTS-TDD networks as well interface more effectively with the equipment vendors.


Customize It!

Customize this course to your specific needs at little-to-no additional cost.  We offer distinct versions of this course tailored for audiences such as:

  • Network design and optimization engineers
  • Equipment or application designers
  • Less technical audiences such as managers, executives, business planners, sales and marketing specialists, and operations and support personnel
Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Those with some UMTS background who wish to learn more about UMTS-TDD.



  • “T-Mobile CZ operates a nationwide 2G/3G network. When we were looking for UMTS-TDD training some time back, we realized that none of the leading training companies had a course on UMTS-TDD – except Eogogics! They had not one but two good courses. (Of course they also had everything else a wireless operator could possibly want.) We told Eogogics we had a certain blueprint for the course in our mind. No problem for Eogogics! They were very accommodating about putting their two UMTS-TDD courses together, with added/deleted topics, to come up with a comprehensive course that matched our exact needs. When they taught the course, it had an in-depth treatment of everything important to us and imparted critical insights into the technology while also illuminating the why’s and how’s of vendor implementations. And all at a great price! So if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary and a little more custom than available from an average training company, don’t despair, try Eogogics!” – Josef Fencl, Head of Optimization and Testing at T-Mobile Czech Republic