Technology and Society

Onsite Training: Technical and Project Management
  • Course:Technology and Society
  • Course ID:TECH&SOC Duration:2-3 days Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

Technology and Society


  • Technology and Society: A historical overview
    • Change driven by technology innovations
    • Major epochs of human history and technology innovations
    • Stages of technology integration into society
    • Moore’s Law and its implications
  • Economics basics and applications
    • Major schools of economics theory
    • Macro and micro economics
    • Interaction of economics, ICT, and society
    • Major players in the economy
    • Economic/business cycles
    • Changing nature of work, education, communications, and leisure due to ICT
    • Productivity and ICT
  • Basics of politics, public policy and regulation
    • Sovereignty, jurisdiction
    • National and international law
    • Actors on the international stage: Nations, NGOs, cartels
    • Policy and regulation applied to ICT and technology
    • Interaction of policy and regulation with ICT and society
    • Privacy and privacy policy in the age of the Internet and Big Data/Analytics
    • Politics, consumption, and happiness
  • Globalization and its impacts
    • What is globalization?
    • Globalization and the world economy
    • Winners and losers
    • Cultural impacts: Erosion of local traditions, clothing, cuisines, crafts, and languages
    • Dilution of sovereignty, perception of rule by distant bureaucrats
    • Populism and backlash
    • Worker displacement
    • Future of globalization
  • Ethics and its application to technology
    • Major approaches to ethics
    • Ethics in the professional sphere
    • Ethics in the marketplace
    • Ethics in global politics, policies, and economics
    • Technology and making a better world order
  • Energy, climate, and technology
    • Climate change as an example of an integrated society/technology problem
    • Climate change: Principal issues and evidence
    • Major players
    • Proposed solutions/actions
    • Sustainability and productivity
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
    • History of IPR and present situation
    • Digital rights management (DRM)
    • Impact of digital technology on IPR
    • Internet and the future of IPR
    • Protecting IPR in the digital age
  • ICT and the Internet
    • Internet regulation and governance
    • “Net neutrality”
    • Cybercrime and cybersecurity
    • Privacy concerns
    • Security issues raised by IoT and related technologies
  • Technology and the long-term evolution of society
    • Ways in which technology will influence society
    • Changing nature of work
    • Disruptive technologies
    • Growth of robots and automation and impact on workers and society
    • Society evolution, decay, and collapse
    • Technology as a means to thwart collapse
    • Rare events and black swans
    • Modeling the future: Problems and pitfalls
  • Technology and Society: Course recap, discussion, and conclusion


Course Overview


Course in a Nutshell

Today CEOs, executives, managers, and technical folks at all levels must deal with a bewildering array of issues, many of which were barely on the radar just a few years ago. Technology and science now impact nearly all aspects of society, so decision makers must recognize these interactions to carry out their duties and responsibilities more effectively.

The Technology and Society course examines the interaction of technology and society, with emphasis on how broad societal and political issues affect the deployment and use of technology. It looks at how technology – especially Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – is transforming society as well as the global economy.


Customize It!

We can add or omit topics and otherwise tailor the course to address the specific needs and concerns of your team.


Learn About

  • Rapid rate of technological change and its impact on societies around the world
  • Role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in
    • Globalization of economies, crime, culture, and shifts in global power
    • Changing nature of work, governance, identity, communications
    • Privacy at all levels
    • Creating a global civil society
    • Economic development
  • International laws and treaties in place with respect to e-commerce, intellectual property, computer-related crime, taxation, and trade
  • Professional codes of ethics, ethical decision making
  • Growing reliance on ICT affects the environment
  • How technology affects society and is affected by it
  • Basic principles and theories of economics and their relationship to technology
  • Political issues that can affect funding, development, and use of technology
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Digital Rights Management (DRM), and the Internet.
  • Climate change as an example of interaction of technology and society
  • Evolution of societies and how technology affects them
Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Executives, managers (both technical and non-technical), technical professionals, and others who need to understand how technology impacts society and deal with problems that involve political, economic, and social issues.



Some general knowledge of information technology and telecommunications will be helpful but is not required.