Frameworx & eTOM Overview

Courses: TM Forum Frameworx, eTOM, SID, TAM
  • Course:Frameworx & eTOM Overview
  • Course ID:FWX1D Duration:1 day Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Tele Management Forum
    • What is the TM Forum?
    • History
    • How can it benefit you?
    • Relationships with other industry groups and standardization organizations
  • TM Forum Frameworx
    • Objectives of the Frameworx program
    • What Frameworx brings to the industry
    • What Frameworx brings to you
    • Introduction to the four Frameworks
      • Business Process Framework: eTOM
        • Issues addressed by eTOM
        • eTOM description
        • Benefits
        • Who can use eTOM?
        • Documentation structure
      • Information Framework: SID
        • Issues addressed by SID
        • SID description
          • Business View
          • System View
          • SID Domains
          • Information Model vs. Data Model
        • Benefits
        • Who can use SID?
        • Documentation structure
      • Application Framework: TAM
        • Issues addressed by TAM
        • TAM description
        • Benefits
        • Who can use TAM?
        • Documentation structure
      • Integration Framework
        • Issues addressed by the Integration Framework
        • Description
        • Benefits
        • Who can use the Integration Framework?
        • Documentation structure
    • Relationships between these Frameworks
      • SID to eTOM mapping
        • Primary and Secondary Level 2 Processes
        • C.R.U.D. relationship
      • Frameworx lifecycle
  • eTOM Concepts and Principles
    • eTOM key concepts:
      • Market/sales, Product and Customer
      • Service
      • Resource
      • Supplier/partner
      • Enterprise
    • Product vs. Service
    • Level 0 Process Areas:
      • S.I.P.
      • Operations
      • Enterprise Management
    • Level 1 Business Processes
    • Level 2 Core Business Processes
    • Some Level 3 Business Processes
    • Process Flows
      • Description
      • Examples
      • Documentation
    • Relationship with other Industry Models
      • eTOM as an ITU-T standard
      • eTOM GB921 and ITU-T M.3050
      • eTOM and ITU-T TMN layers
      • eTOM and ITU-T TMN FCAPS functional areas
      • ITIL
        • Description
        • ITIL and eTOM mapping
        • GB921V
        • TR143
  • Getting Started with eTOM
    • How to use eTOM?
      • Capturing requirements
      • Process design
      • Activity based management
      • Organization audit
      • Architecture validation
      • RFx design
    • Extending the framework
      • Mapping processes-people
      • Decomposition guidelines
      • User guidelines GB921U
      • Annotation to eTOM Business Processes
      • Examples of extensions
      • Use cases
  • Framework Compliance/Conformance
    • No Frameworx compliance criteria
    • Only SID levels of compatibility…
    • …and API tests
    • eTOM conformance
  • Course Wrap-up: Recap, Discussion, Evaluations
Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

This course provides an introduction to the TM Forum Frameworx; the Business Process Framework, eTOM; the Information Framework, SID; the Application Framework, TAM; and the Integration Framework. We will focus on the Business Process Framework, eTOM, and employ realistic case studies to illustrate its usage by telecom operators, solution vendors and integrators.


Customize It!

Let us know your reason for studying Frameworx and eTOM so we can customize the course to your specific needs. The course can be optionally taught as a hands-on workshop at no added cost.


Learn How To

  • Define the role and principal activities of the TeleManagement Forum (TMF)
  • Explain how the TMF activities fit in within the work performed by other international forums
  • Identify all of the components of the TM Forum Frameworx and the relationships between them
  • Describe the BPM lifecycle
  • Elaborate on the basic concepts of the Business Process Framework, a.k.a. eTOM
  • Apply TM Forum Frameworx and eTOM in your company (use cases)


Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

IT and telecommunications professionals and managers who want to get acquainted with the TM Forum Frameworx and especially the Business Process framework, also known as eTOM. It will be of particular interest to OSS/BSS professionals such as solution architects, analysts, modelers, and integrators.



General knowledge of business process modeling can help but is not mandatory.