5G New Radio Training

5G Wireless Technology Training
  • Course:5G New Radio Training
  • Course ID:5G-NR Duration:2-3 days Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

5G New Radio Training Part 1 – 5G: An Introduction

  • What is 5G
  • Why 5G?
  • Roadmap to 5G
  • End-to-end 5G ecosystem

5G New Radio Training Part 2 – 5G: New Radio (NR) Physical Layer

  • NR channel structure
  • Relation to LTE
  • OFDM principles (basic introduction, signal generation)
  • OFDM signal processing (channel coding and FEC)
  • Why flexible numerology?
  • NR slot structure
  • The new concept of bandwidth part (BWP)
  • How 5G differs from 4G
  • 5G requirements for RAN: Bandwidth, power, spectral efficiency, new technology adaptation, latency, signaling load, capacity, coverage, interference, mobility
  • 5G requirements for Core: Network topology, cloud architectures, big data analytics
  • 5G service platforms

5G New Radio Training Part 3 – 5G 3GPP Physical Layer Procedures

  • 3GPP Physical layer procedures for control signaling
  • Synchronization signals and reference signals structure
  • Cell search procedure
  • SS/PBCH structure
  • Random access preamble formats – initial beam establishment
  • Downlink control signaling
  • Uplink control signaling
  • Overview power control
  • Overview transmit timing control
  • 3GPP physical procedures for user data transmissions
  • Reference signals (DMRS, CSI-RS, TRS, PTRS, SRS)
  • MAC HARQ codebook principles
  • Code Block Group (CBG) based retransmissions
  • Scheduler functionality for UL and DL
  • Scheduler resource allocation (time-frequency grid)

5G New Radio Training Part 4 – 5G MIMO – Beam forming

  • Massive MIMO general introduction
  • Beamforming and spatial multiplexing principles
  • MIMO/Beamforming modules
  • Codebook vs non-codebook transmissions
  • The new concept of Grid of Beams (GoB)
  • Analog vs. digital beamforming

5G New Radio Training – Course Recap and Discussion


Course Overview
5G New Radio Training


Course in a Nutshell

5G New Radio Training explores the radio technology involved in 5G RAN New Radio (NR), the physical layers procedures, and the principles of Massive MIMO and MIMO/Beamforming techniques. Since the OFDM concepts are vital to 5G, a detailed discussion of this technology is included as well.


Customize It!

We can tailor the 5G New Radio Training to include the LTE/LTE-A prerequisite material (if your team needs it), add or omit topics to suit your team’s needs, or to adapt it to a less technical, more business-oriented audience. The course can also be extended to include hands-on exercises.

Audience / Prerequisites
5G New Radio Training


Aimed At

5G New Radio Training is aimed at Technical and management personnel whose job requires an understanding of the evolving 5G technology.



A good understanding of the LTE/LTE-A air interface as well as OFDM principles are necessary to benefit from 5G New Radio Training.