GPON Backhaul Training for LTE-5G Networks

Courses: Optical Networks (GPON, SONET/SDH, DWDM)
  • Course:GPON Backhaul Training for LTE-5G Networks
  • Course ID:GPONB Duration:5 days Where: Your Office (7+ Persons)
  • Available as a private, customized course for your group at your offices or ours and in some cases as a WebLive(TM) class.

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Course Outline

GPON Backhaul Training for LTE-5G Networks


Fiber Communications Overview


  • Fiber Optical Transmission Principles
    • Physical optical beam principles
    • Optical transmission windows
    • Losses and materials
  • Types of Fibers
    • Multimode fiber
    • Single mode fiber
    • Dark fiber
    • Polymer (Plastic) Optical Fiber – POF
  • Optical Transmission Principles
    • Material dispersion
    • Chromatic dispersion
    • Time dispersion
    • Mode dispersion
  • Optical Transmission Losses
    • Material losses
    • Bending losses
    • Wavelength losses
    • Optical insertion losses
    • Optical aperture losses
    • Splicing losses
  • Exercises using MS Excel


Introduction to Optical Networking


  • Optical LAN
    • IP/Ethernet over fiber
    • Requirements/restrictions
  • Optical Network Spanning
    • Estimate link loss
    • Estimate fiber length
    • Optical repeating
  • WDM
    • WDM principles
    • DWDM principles
    • WDM design
  • Exercises using MS Excel


GPON Access Technology


  • What is PON?
  • Differences between passive and active optical networks
  • Generic PON architecture
  • PON components
  • Connectors and fiber accessories for PON technology
  • BPON architecture and components
  • BPON and EPON
  • What is GPON?
  • GPON advantages and features
  • GPON requirements and restrictions
  • GPON security overview
  • Background history
  • Access network infrastructures: FTTx architectures (FTTC, FTTN, FTTD, FTTP, FTTH)


GPON Standards


  • GPON ITU-T G.984.1
  • GPON ITU-T G.984.2
  • Physical Media Dependent (PMD)
  • GPON ITU-T G.984.3
  • Transmission convergence
  • GPON ITU-T G.984.4
  • GPON ITU-T-  G.984.5 enhancement band
  • GPON ITU-T G.984.6
  • Optical reach extension (
  • XG-PON ITU-T G.987.1
  • 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network XG-PON
  • XG-PON2
  • 40 Gbps GPON network elements
  • Optical Line Termination (OLT), Optical Network Unit (ONU), SFU, SBU, MDU, and MTU
  • GPON fiber termination
  • Fiber connectors, splice trays, fiber cassette trays and enclosures
  • Optical splitter, Optical Distributions Frame (ODF)


GPON System Architecture


  • GTC layer system
  • TC concepts in GPON
  • GPON frame format
  • PLOAM field
  • OMT method B activation
  • GPON ranging and spanning
  • OMCI protocol
  • GPON Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment (DBA)
  • Introduction to Transmission Containers (T-CONT)


GPON Power Budget Calculations


  • GPON optical transmitter
  • GPON optical receivers
  • GPON receiver sensitivity
  • Optical receiver detection and estimation principles
    • Exercises on Tx/RX using MS Excel
  • ​In-Building wiring​ & GPON multiplexing
  • ​​GPON Physical Layer Dependency (PMD)
  • ​​Channel insertion loss
  • ​​GPON ​dispersion calculation
  • Optical power budget
    • Exercises on optical link budget principles using MS Excel
  • Optical Distribution Network (ODN)
  • ​​​​XGPON power budgets
    • Exercises on optical link budget principles using MS Excel


GPON Backhaul for LTE/LTE-A


  • LTE-A network overview
  • GPON as mobile indoor backhaul technology
  • GPON indoor with POF and LiFi technologies
  • GPON as mobile outdoor backhaul technologies
  • GPON mobile backhaul capacity principles
    • Estimate LTE RAN capacity
    • Estimate IP/Ethernet overheads
    • Estimating GPON overheads
    • Exercises on LTE-A IP/Ethernet backhaul estimations using MS Excel


GPON Backhaul for 5G


  • 5G technology overview
  • 5G network architecture
  • GPON as 5G mobile backhaul technology
  • GPON 5G mobile backhaul capacity principles
    • Estimate 5G RAN capacity
    • Estimate IPv4 IPv6/Ethernet overheads
    • Estimating GPON overheads
  • Exercises on 5G IP/Ethernet backhaul estimations using MS Excel
  • GPON and IoT expectations
    • Exercises on GPON to IoT traffic backhaul estimations using MS Excel


GPON Backhaul Training for LTE-5G Networks: Recap & Q/A


Course Overview

Course in a Nutshell

This course provides a comprehensive coverage of the GPON technology including the basics of optical transmission, GPON architecture and components, GPON ITU-T standards, GPON functionality, GPON link budgets, and other important topics. The course also discusses the integration of GPON backhaul into LTE (indoor/outdoor) and 5G network architectures, including the key points underlying GPON backhaul capacity for LTE-A and 5G wireless.


Audience / Prerequisites

Aimed At

Optical network engineers, optical technology technicians, optical backhaul planners, transmission engineers, radio network capacity planners, fixed line engineers/technicians, 5G engineers/planners, LTE engineers/planners, and others interested in the GPON optical backhaul and networking technology for LTE and 5G network infrastructure. The course will also help the 5G system engineers acquire a unified view of the Gigabit Ethernet optical transmission backhaul, as specified in 3GPP and 5G PPP.



Some preliminary knowledge of transmission network principles, mobile backhaul, LTE/5G networks and general telecom networking.