Litigation Support and Forensics: Expert Witness and Consultant

Eogogics offers short- and long-term litigation and forensic support in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, and engineering. Each request is carefully matched to the right expert.

Download brochure: Eogogics Consulting Services – Expert Witness and Consultant

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant and whether your case involves a patent dispute, infringement of intellectual property, theft of proprietary information, technology licensing, contract matters, or an antitrust issue, we can help you win your case by providing an expert witness, forensics expert, or technology consultant that meets your strict selection criteria.

Members of the Eogogics technical staff possess advanced degrees, 20-30 years of industrial and/or academic experience, and history of work with interesting, cutting-edge projects. Many of them have prior experience with litigation and forensics support, depositions, and court testimony.

We will begin by understanding your selection criteria including conflict-of-interest requirements. We will then help you identify, evaluate, and engage just the right person from our large selection of highly qualified technology consultants.

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