Onsite Course Pricing

Our standard price for a state-of-the-art technology course taught onsite (at the client site) by a Best-in-Class Instructor is $1,025 per-person per-day subject to a minimum charge for 12 participants and for 2 course days.

Included in this cost are:

  • A reasonable amount of course tailoring to your requirements
  • Time spent in travel to/from the class venue within the continental United States
  • Tailored course materials in PDF form emailed a few days before the class (to allow you to print course materials for the participants)
  • Attractive participation certificates suitable for framing

Not included in this cost are:

  • Instructor travel expenses
  • Printed course materials
  • Classroom facilities and equipment (which, as the host, are your responsibility)

Discounts are available for:

  • Local courses of 4+ days duration (approx. 33%), as they save us the revenue lost in travel to/from the training venue
  • Courses that require less tailoring than the amount already built into our standard pricing
  • Courses longer than three days (in consideration of the economy of scale)
  • Classes with more than 20 participants
  • Government clients

Discounts may not be combined. Also, the availability of discounts depends on the supply/demand situation at a given time. For example, we don’t discount during busy periods or for the high-demand topics such as 5G Wireless.

Intellectual property rights

Course instructions and materials are and remain the Eogogics intellectual property. They may not be recorded, copied, printed, stored, transmitted, re-purposed, shared outside of the paid class participants, or posted on a company Intranet without the express Eogogics approval.